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Do you remember where you were?

This is addressed to the handul of people on my flist who were alive 43 years ago.
How many of you remember what you were doing on ths day in 1963 when you heard the news about JFK?  I was in my eighth-grade classroom, and I can still close my eyes and remember every bit of that day from the point when Mr. Peterson from the class next door walked into our room and whispered in my teacher's ear.


Nov. 22nd, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
I was in second grade. I don't remember the exact moment I heard the initial news that he had been shot, but when I got off the school bus and was walking to my house some other neighborhood kids came up to me and told me he was dead. I was so scared that something awful was going to happen to the whole country, now that we were without a President. If the President could be assassinated so easily, so publicly, it seemed like anything was possible. For me, it was a very real and fundamental loss of innocence.