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Train crash

I don't normally post more than once a day, but this is a special case.  Some of you may have already heard about this on the news; if not, you're sure to read about it in your morning papers tomorrow.

About 6:00 a.m. today, in the early part of the morning rush hour, there was a report on the radio of a commuter train derailment in Glendale (maybe 10 miles or so northwest of downtown Los Angeles).  The story was sketchy at first, but got more and more coverage in the next hour until by 7:00 a.m., when I was walking out my front door, it was the only thing being shown or talked about on television stations here.  The word was that two Metrolink trains, one headed into Los Angeles from Ventura County and filled with commuters, the other headed out from Los Angeles, had somehow sideswiped one another, causing one or both of the trains to derail.  There was also talk about a Union Pacific freight train engine that was somehow involved.

Well, here's the story as it stands now at 3:40 p.m.:  A man who apparently wanted to commit suicide stopped his truck on the train tracks (this happens more often than you might think).  At the last minute, though, he changed his mind, jumped out of the truck, and survived.  One Metrolink train hit the truck and partially derailed, causing it to sideswipe and derail the second Metrolink train.  The freight train engine was also hit and overturned.  The casualty count right now is 10 dead, 200 injured (40 seriously).  The guy driving the truck is in custody and will be charged with murder.


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