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Birthday (belated)

Thought I could just squeak in under the wire, but I see midnight's come and gone in your part of the world, so I'll have to settle on wishing you a


Oops! Forgot to say the birthday greetings go to foudebassan

Hannibal ... Osborne?

The latest offering (Financial Times 15 September 2017) from Robert Shrimsley. And after Boris Johnson's recent article on Brexit, I'm sure Theresa May hopes he accepts that dinner invitation. I wonder if she knows her own invitation to dinner will be arriving soon....

Hannibal Osborne offers Tories a new psycho dramaCollapse )


District Line explosion

Tavi and Fou -- stay safe!

The news we're getting here is that the timer in the device failed to trigger all the explosives, which means the people in that tube carriage, even the ones injured, are very very lucky.

Please pay no attention to DJT's typically ill-informed tweets.


Keeping my Florida LJ friends in my thoughts this morning as Hurricane Irma churns through the Bahamas headed your way. And, maddiec24, what's the outlook for Georgia?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY,jenni_snake

Hope it was a good one!

Meet Abrexa

Another offering on Brexit by Robert Shrimsley in last Friday's Financial Times.

What's going on with Brexit negotiations? Ask AbrexaCollapse )


LJ issues?

Not at all sure what's going on with LJ, and I don't know if anyone else is having problems. I haven't been able to load my friends page on the iPad for two days now. The page finally launched successfully on the work PC yesterday, but I couldn't expand posts that were behind LJ-cuts, and I couldn't save comments (Fou, this ":-(((((((" was my intended response to Stabby).

Now let's see if this post will save....
Robert Shrimsley is at it again in this column from last Friday's Financial Times. And if the "FT BIG READ" piece in today's paper is anything to go by, he's not very far off the mark...

The battle to settle differences in the real Brexit negotiationsCollapse )

And this is why you'll never see me on The Great British Bake-Off -- it took three readings before the "black forest" bit made sense, lol.

Brexit negotiations

Well, they've started. I wonder if the British press will start doing a countdown the way the U.S. press has been following the Trump presidency. You know ... "We're 100 days into the negotiations and here's what's been accomplished thus far." We have a much longer timeline, of course (hopefully with a completion date no later than Election Day November 2020); Brexit negotiations are supposed to be finished in roughly 500 days. I wonder what the odds of that happening are.

Finsbury Park

Okay, mark this one down. It's different. London has now suddenly found itself at what might be the beginning of a tit for tat, Israeli - Palestinian situation. And if that turns out to be true, then there's no answer to the question posed in my icon.