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Déjà vu all over again

For anyone old enough to have lived through Watergate, isn't this starting to seem awfully familiar?

Has it been four years yet?

No? Only three weeks? I'm not sure I'm going to last....

If I had some extra money, I think investing in companies that make antacid tablets might be a very smart move. Somehow I think their sales are going to skyrocket.

The word is that DT is spending part of his weekend at Mar-a-Lago drafting a new travel ban executive order, since the courts keep shutting the first one down. (And a (probable) deadlock in the Supreme Court if the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling is appealed would mean the Circuit Court's ruling would be upheld.) So the strategy seems to be to go back to the drawing board and start over. I'm guessing that, to quote Yogi Berra, it's going to be "déjà vu all over again", with new protests at major airports and new court challenges.

Can't you just imagine the conversation between Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

MM: *deep sigh* No, no, Mr President, this isn't the way it's supposed to go.

DT: *barely looking up from his phone, where he's composing yet another attack on retailers who dare to drop his daughter Ivanka's clothing line*. I don't understand.

MM: *another sigh* It's very simple, Mr. President. You remember when Justice Scalia died and I refused to let President Obama's nominee even have a hearing?

DT: *laughs, puts down the phone and grabs McConnell's hand, shaking it for 19 long seconds* I certainly do!

MM: *finally manages to extricate his hand* Well, Mr. President, the whole point of that was to have a Republican president -- you as it happens -- nominate a conservative to the Court and have that nominee confirmed and in place before you started *starts to say "wrecking things" but thinks better of it* implementing your new policies.

DT: *still tweeting* Uh-huh. *looks up briefly* Why?

MM: *has a "Someone, Anyone, give me strength" moment* Because, Mr. President, that would give us a conservative majority on the Court, which we need to get any of your plans accomplished.

DT: *enthusiastically* And boy do I have plans, Mitch! Great plans! Beautiful plans! My wall, which Mexico is absolutely going to pay for! And California's always boasting about how it's the 6th largest economy in the world ... well, we'll see what it does to their economy when we round up and deport all those undocumented workers who work in their agriculture industry. And while we're at it, we should look at all the foreigners who work in their tech industry, taking jobs away from good American workers.... *does not notice when McConnell stands up and, face ashen, tiptoes quietly out of the room*


Okay, that was a lot of fun. :-) Now, who could Saturday Night Live cast as McConnell...?

Head is spinning

The word of the day is "whiplash" (re, in case you've been away from the news for the last twelve hours(!), a Seattle federal court judge's temporary restraining order blocking implementation of last week's travel ban). Trump vows an appeal by the Justice Department, and as usual denigrates the judge in a tweet this morning, calling him a "so-called judge" (he was appointed by George W. Bush and confirmed unanimously by the Senate).


Australian Open. Roger Federer v. Rafael Nadal. Federer. 18 Slams.

The match started at 12:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, and finished 4 hours later. Absolutely worth sacrificing a night of sleep to watch this match. :-)

"Alternative Facts"

Can't wait to see what bit of lunacy Kellyanne Conway comes up with next. Hard to believe this White House "counselor" is already eclipsing Sarah "I can see Russia from my backyard" Palin in the laugh-until-you-cry department....

This may turn into my default icon for the next four years. :-S

Third option

What was I thinking of the other day when I only gave options of moving to Canada or outer space following a Trump victory? (Neither of which might be possible, of course, as I can just see Canada's border wall going up as we're going to the polls here, and there's zero housing in outer space, affordable or market rate.)

But, but, but ... I live in California. California is the 6th largest economy in the world. Hollywood! Agriculture! Silicon Valley! We could secede and take the whole west coast and Hawaii with us....

Why am I not surprsed?

First it was Melania using Michelle's speech. Now it appears that The Donald didn't even come up with his own campaign slogan. But maybe that bit of plagiarism doesn't count, since he lifted the phrase from a fellow Republican called Ronald Reagan. (Reagan's campaign button had his picture under the phrase "Let's Make America Great Again").

Tavi and Fou -- Glad I can take my mind off the miserable U.S. election for a day or two and begin to anticipate the new Brexit twists and turns that are sure to follow today's court decision. ("You're ready in invoke Article 50, Prime Minister? Not so fast....") I'll also have to start looking at the daily Financial Times again -- perhaps the person who wrote that "Waiting for BoJo" piece will be inspired to do a follow-up now that Parliament's been thrown into the mix.

We seem to have strayed into the Slough of Despond....

Edited: Fou, remember that photo of the bottles? Has your and Banker's "the Government lost in court!" celebration made any kind of dent in your cellar?



Thinking about my Florida and Georgia LJ friends and hoping that Matthew misses you. Stay safe!


Why not throw something else out there to join all the other things going on (Nice, a rumored coup in Turkey -- successful or failed still to be determined, Brexit, Newt Gingrich wanting to deport U.S. Muslims who believe in Sharia law, a contentious Republican convention in an open-carry state, etc).

The Rio Summer Games are coming up next month (you'd almost forgotten them, hadn't you?), and while the concern has been mosquitoes (Zika) and polluted water, I suddenly find myself thinking about the 1972 Munich Summer Games. Anyone reading this old enough to remember what happened there? Let's just hope that the Brazilian security forces are less dysfunctional than the political establishment appears to be. And maybe hope as well that South America is far enough away not to be an attractive target....